Close Keyword variations in groups

Hello and welcome to a new feature update of SECockpit!

Google collects close keyword variations in groups, so that only one keyword will be analyzed per group.

So because the similar keywords weren’t analyzed, some of our costumers werde confused because it’s strange if some good keywords are not analyzed. 

Because of this, we show you both variations, the one that is not analyzed and the one that is.

So when you start a new keyword search from list with SECockpit, to analyze specific keywords, it’s often the case, that close keyword variations are not analyzed.

This happens for example when the keyword is a plural word, so online shops will not be analyzed but online shop will be.

Or only the abbreviation will be analyzed, for example rc helicopter instead of remote control helicopter. In this case you can analyze the longer variation with the shorter variation, because in the shorter version both are analyzed together.