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SECockpit Projects

With SECockpit you have the ability to create projects, where you can organize your relevant keywords and manage your SEO efforts.

First click on SECockpit projects and click here to create a new folder.

Type in a name, select an icon and click on save and close.

Now you can either double click on a keyword and click here on "create project from this keyword" or you can drag & drop a keyword from one of your lists to your newly created folder.

Next, return to projects and click on your project.

Type in a name and the corresponding URL and select an icon.

You can type in the date and select the off and on page tasks.

Afterwards click on save and then on "analysis top ten results" to compare your URL with your competition.

Return to the search list if you want to add further keywords to your project.

So you have the ability to add all your relevant keywords to the project.

You can always delete a project or single keywords with this button.

And of course you can add new projects and folders.

In the next video we will take a closer look at the tasks.

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