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Organize Lists In SECockpit

With SECockpit you have many options for organising your lists.

First you can click on the little folder icon in the toolbar to add a new folder.

Next you can type in a name, select a symbol and click on save and close.

Now you can drag and drop lists into the newly created folder.

You can always edit and delete a folder.

In addition you can rearrange the lists to get a clearer overview.

For example you can tag one or several entries with a color.

You can add different colors and sort the list by them. Click on tag and select a color. 

In addition you can either sort the list by the tags by clicking here or you can click here on "show in groups." 

You can also hide the untagged keywords by clicking on this button.

Further you can add specific keywords to a folder.

Create a new folder and drag & drop the desired keywords, which gives you a new list.

Folders have two different functions: 

You can either click on a folder directly to see the list with the added keywords or you can add entire lists to a folder.

Finally you have the ability to delete selected keywords by clicking on this button or you can click here to delete an entire list of keywords. 

Let's look at some other function to work organised with SECockpit. 

By starting a new keyword search, you have the ability to directly set a tag for the results. 

Let's start with this basic keyword search for example. By clicking on the tag function right her all results from this particular search will have a blue tag. 

Now we can start an expanded keyword search from this list where we expand a search with either a different keyword or different preferences. 

In this case we take the same keyword but add the google suggest synonyme function, where there will be additional keywords taken into consideration. 

We can now tag this search with a different color, let's say red. 

Now we have a list where you see by the first glance which keywords resulted from which searches. 

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