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Welcome to SECockpit

In this video I will show you the basic features of the tool.

In the dashboard you have access to the video tutorials, manuals and much more.

For example you can click on video tutorials and a new tab will be opened.

You can work with multiple tabs which can be opened and closed like in an internet browser.

You have the ability to click on the icon on the left top of the screen to start a new keyword search.

Next you can type in a keyword, select country and language and click on save and close to start a new keyword search.

This may take a few seconds, because SECockpit collects keyword alternatives and performs SEO analysis for every single keyword it finds. 

As soon as the list is displayed, you can see how many keywords were found.

The niche value, is visualized by a green bar.

The default sorting is based on the number of monthly searches and on the competition value.

Of course you can sort the list by any column.

Those keywords which have a high search volume and a low SEO level of difficulty, have got the best niche value.

Now you can sort out for example those keywords with a high competition and only a few monthly searches.

These keywords would be worth using for an SEO campaign

On the contrary you can see in the normal sorting those keywords which are easy to get a top ranking.

In addition you can double click on any keyword to get more information.

In this detailed view you can see the analysis of the current top ten websites of a specific keyword.

You can see the mozrank, the page and domain authority, the number of juice links and social media shares.

All of this information is combined and visualized in the orange competition bar.

You have the ability to start a new keyword search by clicking on the key icon in the toolbar on the left or you can expand on an existing search by clicking on expand.

Video in old design