Our tools cover many aspects of SEO. Here is a rundown of the SwissMadeMarketing product lineup:

SECockpit, is all about the keywords. It provides the three crucial keyword metrics; Search Volume, Competition Strength and Keyword Value for hundreds of keywords in a few minutes. It provide analysis of the top ten websites ranking for any keyword it finds. Filtering, reports and export are provided. Projects can be created for a given keyword which would produce a list of tasks that once completed should improve positioning. There are many more features as well. A limited version of Rank Tracker is included in SECockpit. We offer a Personal, Pro and Agency version of SECockpit. You can learn more at: secockpit.com

Rank Tracker (Stand Alone Version) - Enter a domain, and up to 100 keywords and observe ranking over time. 15 of the 100 keywords can be plotted in a graph that tracks ranking on a daily basis. We offer Standard, Premium, and Agency versions of Rank Tracker. For more information, visit: ranktrackerapp.com


Traffic Analysis - a solution to a change that Google made that effects every website. 100% of the keywords a website is ranking for are now hidden, making it very difficult to figure out how well a website is doing. By utilizing multiple data sources; Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, SEMRush and SearchMetrics and using the technology in SECockpit, Traffic Analysis not only provides the “not provided” keywords but also the monthly searches, competition analysis, CPC and more for each keyword. For more information on Traffic Analysis please visit: trafficanalysisapp.com

Backlink Spy is the solution to a very time consuming and expensive process—finding out where websites get their back links from. It looks at the top 10 - 100 websites ranking for a particular keyword and produces a list of all the backlinks associated with these sites. It also opens the websites, revealing the total number of inbound and outbound links. Backlinks associated with a particular url can also be exposed, which aides in the analysis of competing websites. For more information on Backlink Spy visit: backlinkspyapp.com 

LocalBizProfit provides a clear plan to systematically build a real business developing websites. It includes templates, cloud hosting, stock image marketplace, supports conventional and mobile devices, it's intuitive and no programming skills required. For more information on LocalBizProfit please visit: localbizprofit.com

Each of the links provided above include introduction videos which provide additional information on our products and their use. We also have Webinar recordings of past events here: swissmademarketing.com/webinars/ These recording go into detail on the real world use of our products and strategies. I would suggest you signup for future webinars as well.

All of our products come with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Just cancel your subscription through PayPal before the first 30 days are up, then contact the Helpdesk and request a refund. That's it.

Please don't hesitate to contact our Helpdesk should you have any additional questions.