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Columns in SECockpit

In this video we will take a closer look at all of the available columns in SECockpit.

In the default view you can see the niche value, the monthly searches and the competition bar.

You can click on this button in any column to activate additional columns, which can be made visible at any time, without starting a new search.

You can deactivate or hide the current columns, so only the information that is important to you at a particular time is visible. This also helps to keep the interface uncluttered. 

For example, here you can see the column displaying available domains.

It shows you, whether .com or .net domains are still available to purchase.

"world cup 2014 draw" .com and .net are still available. You can click on the link to buy the domain directly at

Next you can see the Adwords values. The first value is the CPC, the cost per click value. 

This is the estimated price in USD for one click for this keyword at Google Adwords.

This would be the estimated price if you wanted to buy traffic.

This data is not very precise, so look at it in magnitude/dimension/scale.

Next you have the Adwords competition values. This value shows you how many Adwords clients are bidding for this keyword.

If this orange bar is full, it means that many people are buying clicks for this keyword.

Finally you have the Adsense value. It is based on the search volume for a keyword and the CPC value.

The idea behind this is simple:

For an Adsense Page are the keywords interesting, which attract many visitors and generate a decent sum per click.

Keywords with a high search volume and a high CPC value are therefore the most interesting for AdSense Websites.

And this is shown in this bar, the more blue it contains, the more interesting the keyword is for an AdSense Website.

This is rather interesting, because these values gives you an idea of how valuable the visitors are for a specific keyword.

If there is a keyword with a high CPC value and where many people are bidding, 

it means that many people are willing to spend a lot of money for this keyword and therefore it is very likely that you could earn a lot of money for this keyword.

Of course you have the ability to add further columns, for example Image, News, Places, Products and Videos.

What you have here is simply an icon which shows you, whether there's a video shown with a Google search or not.

Here you can see this icon, which shows you, that a video appears in the search results for this keyword.

If you type in this keyword in Google, you can see that there is actually a video in the search results.

In the other columns you can see if there are images, news or places shown in the google results for a specific keyword.

You can hide or view these columns, depending on what's relevant for your individual SEO project.

You can compose an individual overview, which is the most helpful solution for your own use.

And of course you can filter and sort after every column, for example after the CPC value or after the competition bar.

Video in old design